Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango’s Points of interest.

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Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango’s Points of interest

Quetzaltenango was dedicated by the Spanish to the Holy Spirit. The Hotel Plaza Pradera is located to the north of the city and in the background you can see volcanoes and magical vegetation.


A place to explore

Minerva quetzaltenango zoo  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

Minerva Quetzaltenango Zoo

It is a wide space where you can observe different types of species: monkeys, birds, goats, deer and other species. Besides this, the species that arouse more interest are the exotics: "Simba" the lion and "Constantine" the jaguar. This is an ideal place to have fun and get out of the routine.

Fountains georgina  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

Fountains Georgina

It is one of the most famous places with thermal water in the country. This is a wonderful place to be in the middle of nature. You will be able to rest in one of its 7 thermal pools where you will observe the steam of the sulphur waters. A unique natural wonder.

Natural history museum - xela  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

Natural History Museum - Xela

In this beautiful place, a diverse collection of historical objects such as pre-Columbian Mayan ceramics is exhibited. It also exhibits samples of dissected natural species ranging from multicolored birds to mammals. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful and striking buildings in the city of Xela.

San nicolas church - quetzaltenango  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

San Nicolas Church - Quetzaltenango

A wide, majestic and unique space. It has a Gothic style, with a sensational look. It is the last building of pharaonic construction made by the Quetzaltecos in the past decades. As a historical fact, the new facade was inspired by Winchester Cathedral, England.

Cathedral of the holy spirit - quetzaltenango  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit - Quetzaltenango

A rather imposing building, which retains its old facade, contains many details that remain to this day. Inside it contains two of the most venerated images of Quetzaltenango: The Divine Judge and the Virgin of the Rosary. It is essential to visit it to observe its architecture and images.

Central america park - quetzaltenango  Latam Plaza Pradera Quetzaltenango

Central America Park - Quetzaltenango

It is the multicolored heart of the Historical Centre of the city. Former "La Juventud and La Unión" gardens were integrated into one, in order to build this beautiful place. Around it, it preserves architectural jewels from its past that to this day showcase the neoclassical style.


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