Hotel Geotel Antofagasta’s Points of interest.

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Hotel Geotel Antofagasta’s Points of interest

Geotel Antofagasta is located on the seafront. Antofagasta is a port city, offering hotels, commerce, gastronomy, nightlife and entertainment. It's a magical place to vacation in Chile.


A place to explore

Huanchaca ruins museum Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Huanchaca Ruins Museum

This is a regional heritage museum that was once an important silver smelter. Now as a museum it has 7 exhibition halls, "Patio Huanchaca" complementary experiences, "MuroSur" presents visual works, "La Perla Factoría" an art store and a Cinema Club. Live a shocking experience.

Japanese park Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Japanese Park

This is an peaceful park of Japanese style and one of the most traditional green areas of the city that stands out for his swimming pool with fish of colors and a traditional wooden bridge. A pleasant space ideal for relaxation, family or couples.

Sea walk Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Sea Walk

It is a pleasant and beautiful place that allows you to walk the coastal edge of the city. You will have at your disposal a wide extension ideal to learn about history, learn about trade, enjoy the sea of Antofagasta and watch a beautiful sunset from the pier.

Basilica heart of mary Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Basilica Heart of Mary

It's the most magnificent church, beautiful inside and out. This religious center of Renaissance and neoclassical style, is located in the heart of the San Diego neighborhood and was declared a historical monument in 1987. Believer or not, it's a place you should know

Gibbs house Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Gibbs House

It is a building of harmonic style and considered a heritage site of the city. It has a mural on its façade depicting 12 citizens who are known for their contribution to the region. Without a doubt it is one of the most important architectural symbols of Antofagasta.

Estación antofagasta cultural center Hotel Geotel Antofagasta

Estación Antofagasta Cultural Center

It is a space that promotes the dissemination of culture, identity and heritage in the population. It is a place for meetings, emotions and participation and was created to give the city a space for different artistic manifestations. There you will find spaces for exhibitions, dialogue and creativity.


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