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Geotel Geotel Antofagasta

Amongst our urban hotels, the Hotel Geotel Antofagasta stands out for its modern spaces, its rooms for corporate events, and countless other details and services that our guests value during their business trips and leisure breaks in Antofagasta.

Located in one of the best parts of Antofagasta, this bioclimatic hotel in Jardines del Sur has been designed with the latest generation systems to ensure maximum respect for the environment. Ventilation and hot water are both sourced using sustainable mechanisms focused on greater preservation of the environment.

In the Hotel Geotel Antofagasta guests enjoy comfort, quality, service and ecology, providing travelers with one of the most complete and emblematic accommodation options in the city. Booking your studio or suite in Antofagasta at the best price anywhere online here on the official website of GHL Hotels.

None Geotel Geotel Antofagasta Antofagasta

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