GHL Lago Titicaca’s Points of interest.

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GHL Lago Titicaca’s Points of interest

GHL Hotel Lago Titicaca is located on a peninsula, on Estoves Island. In this city you will find the magical and highest navigable lake in the world, and a unique and special gastronomy.

 ghl lago titicaca  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

A place to explore

Viewpoint puma uta  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

Viewpoint Puma Uta

It is an excellent viewpoint, an ideal place to visit. Puma Uta means "House of the Puma", the park has a monument to the puma which symbolizes the vigilant animal. From there, the city of Puno can be seen in all its splendor, along with Lake Titicaca and the Uros Islands.

Uros islands  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

Uros Islands

They are a group of approximately 80 islands built of totora, an aquatic plant that grows on the surface of Lake Titicaca. There you can enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna. There are 159 species of fauna, of which 15 are mammals, 105 are birds, 9 are amphibians, 4 are reptiles and more than 26 are fish.

Puno cathedral  GHL Lago Titicaca

Puno Cathedral

A small but wonderful cathedral with a baroque style. The ideal place to enjoy a walk and get to know the interior of the temple, which is characterized by its spaciousness and simplicity. In 1972, it was declared a Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Nation of Peru.

Main square  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

Main Square

A colonial style plaza in the highlands, it is surrounded by tourist restaurants, jewelry stores, travel agencies and tourist shops, etc. The two temples built around them are kept in their worship, then they are museums. On Sundays, the flag is honored with a parade, where different communities wear their typical costumes.

San juan bautista church  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

San Juan Bautista Church

It is a beautiful church, small in size but amazing in beauty. It is composed of 3 main arches on its facade that highlight its design in a striking way. Its perfect lighting allows it to stand out in Pino Park.

Yavari - puno  GHL Lago Titicaca Puno

Yavari - Puno

Also known as "Cañonero", it is a boat that rests on the shore of the lake. The Yavarí Naval Museum Ship, is recognized as a historical piece and is the oldest iron ship in the world operating with a single propeller. Thanks to this ship you will be able to take a tour of naval history


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