Bastion Luxury Hotel’s Points of interest.

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Bastion Luxury Hotel’s Points of interest

Hotel Bastión Luxury is located in beautiful Cartagena, one of the most important tourist destinations in Colombia and Latin America, surrounded by history and exclusive architecture that will turn your stay into a moment to remember.


A place to explore

 Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena


San felipe de barajas castle Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena

San Felipe de Barajas Castle

Come and be surprised by the tour in this emblematic monument that was built in 1657 during the Spanish colonial period. Meet numerous historical accounts that describe the importance of this place and admire the incredible architecture that made it be considered one of the seven wonders of Colombia

Monument of india catalina Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena

Monument of India Catalina

It is a clear representation of the history of the Caribbean and of the ethnic groups. The legendary Indian Catalina is a symbol of the native race, a docile and peaceful woman at the service of colonization as a translator. Today, it is the only indigenous image that is being honored.

Plaza de las bovedas Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena

Plaza de las Bovedas

It is considered the last colonial work in the city. Its structure consists of 47 arches and 23 vaults, built as an explosive-proof assembly. Nowadays it is a crafts market where the tourists can find and to buy diverse pieces of handcrafted tradition.

Santo domingo square Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena

Santo Domingo Square

Take advantage of this space that brings together the best of the nightlife of the walled city. Nice to have dinner and a good coffee with your family and friends. You can also get to know its colonial style and the sculpture 'Gertrudis', by the master Fernando Botero and admire its beauty.

Ciudad amurallada Bastion Luxury Hotel Cartagena

Ciudad amurallada

It is located in the historical center of the city and is considered a national and world heritage site. It has a characteristic architecture that will transport you to the Spanish colonial era. Here you can find the Palace of the Inquisition, the Zenú Gold Museum and much more.


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