GHL Tequendama ’s Points of interest.

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GHL Tequendama ’s Points of interest

Hotel Tequendama is located in the downtown of Bogota. The cosmopolitan city and capital of Colombia, offers you multicultural spaces from all over the country, the best of each of its cities.


A place to explore

La candelaria historical center GHL Tequendama  Bogota

La Candelaria Historical Center

This neighborhood of houses with colonial and republican styles, has been declared historical and cultural asset. In this sector there are about 500 artistic institutions including museums, theatres, cafes, etc. In its streets, ghost stories are woven and the main protagonist is the Bolivar Square. Come and see it.

Monserrate hill GHL Tequendama  Bogota

Monserrate Hill

The hill that has become the landmark of the Colombian capital. You can go up by cable car, funicular or do a demanding but fun walk. There you will find the church of the fallen lord, traditional food restaurants, and a magnificent view of the city.

Quinta de bolivar museum - bogotá GHL Tequendama  Bogota

Quinta de Bolivar Museum - Bogotá

The house where Simon Bolivar lived. This house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and preserves its colonial structure. It has 24 spaces open to the public that show the simplicity of a colonial and independent life of the liberator. A place that has a thousand stories to tell.

Gold museum GHL Tequendama  Bogota

Gold Museum

One of the most beautiful and complete museums in Colombia. Archaeological collections that are part of Colombian heritage are preserved there. In addition, it is not only distinguished by its jewelry exhibition, but because each exhibition is fully documented, which makes it more beautiful and interesting.

The back door GHL Tequendama  Bogota

The Back Door

With more than 200 years of operation this restaurant has become one of the most important places in the city. There you can enjoy the typical dishes of Bogota, the popular ajiaco and hot chocolate with cheese are part of the varied menu of unparalleled flavors.

Quevedo's jet GHL Tequendama  Bogota

Quevedo's Jet

Here began what we know today as Bogota. This small square located at the exit to the hills has colorful alleys that dress up a bohemian life has many stories to tell. There you will have a wide range of gastronomic and craft offerings. The face of a peaceful city.


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