Hotel GHL Collection Hamilton’s Points of interest in Bogota

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Hotel GHL Collection Hamilton’s Points of interest

The GHL Hamilton Hotel is located in Bogotá, metropolitan Colombia. Here you will find multiple spaces that preserve the history of the city and combine modernity creating ideal places for tourism


A place to explore

La vieja gorge hotel ghl collection hamilton bogota

La Vieja Gorge

It is the strategic point that connects the city and the forest, where hiking and ecological tourism activities are developed. It is the place where 2,500 hectares of rural land are preserved, and is known as the environmental heritage of Bogotá. The walks are guided and completely free.

Monuments to the heroes hotel ghl collection hamilton bogota

Monuments to the Heroes

Built in 1963, this monument commemorates the memory of the soldiers who participated in the wars of independence of the Bolivarian Republic. It is a huge rectangular room covered in yellow stone and in whose front there is a bronze Bolivar on top of his faithful horse

Cc andino hotel ghl collection hamilton bogota

CC Andino

Located in Bogotá's Zona Rosa, you will have large areas for entertainment, shopping, and exclusive brands for your service. In addition, you have at your disposal a playground and day care for babies and pets. For the greatest variety of cinema and leisure activities.

Park the viceroy hotel ghl collection hamilton bogota

Park the Viceroy

It is a site dedicated to ecology, nature and is one of the most important lungs of the city. In the area you will see wildlife and enjoy the tranquility to enjoy its wide areas of bicycle-track with your family or friends.

T-zone hotel ghl collection hamilton bogota


Its name is given to the characteristic T-shape that unites the streets that make it up. Here you will find important shopping centers, bars and restaurants. The Zona T is one of the best night spots with a variety of discos and beer gardens for all tastes


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