Bioxury Hotel’s Points of interest.

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Bioxury Hotel’s Points of interest

Biouxury Hotel is located in Bogotá, Colombia. The city has exclusive and authentic sectors with multiple options in terms of gastronomy, party, shopping and more. Come and find out what the nation's capital has in store for you.


A place to explore

Pink zone Bioxury Hotel Bogota

Pink zone

Considered the most exclusive neighborhood in Latin America, it is one of the most commercial places. There you will find the best restaurants, bars, cafes, clothing stores and much more. Visit this space and enjoy the best area for nightlife in the city.

Our lady of lourdes minor basilica Bioxury Hotel Bogota

Our Lady of Lourdes Minor Basilica

Admire the Gothic-Moorish style architecture of one of the most important basilicas in the country. Active center of civic-urban development. This religious space is located in the Chapinero sector of the country's capital. There you can also enjoy the different restaurants surrounding it.

93 park Bioxury Hotel Bogota

93 Park

It was inaugurated on June 14, 1995 and today is considered one of the lungs of the city as it has large green areas covered with trees. It offers you different options of restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlors and party places, with different music and recreation places.

Viceroy's park Bioxury Hotel Bogota

Viceroy's Park

It is an ideal place to connect with nature, it has a line of the cycle path network, pedestrian walk and rest areas, as well as water troughs for visitors and pets. It has 3 bicycle paths, 2 bicycle bridges, 6 children's areas, 3 pedestrian paths and 12 small squares.

National museum of colombia Bioxury Hotel Bogota

National Museum of Colombia

It is the oldest museum in the country and one of the oldest in the Americas. Visit this place where you can take an educational tour and learn about art, history, archaeology and ethnography. In addition to drawings, engravings, sculptures, installations and decorative arts.

Botanical garden Bioxury Hotel Bogota

Botanical Garden

It is named after the astronomer and botanist Don José Celestino Mutis. Visit one of the most important tourist places in the city and you will find several species of plants such as the Mutis flower and the wax palm, which are two of the most representative ones in the country.


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