Sonesta Osorno’s Points of interest.

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Sonesta Osorno’s Points of interest

Hotel Sonesta Osorno is located in the west of Chile. A warm city with friendly people. Without a doubt it is a place to relax, enjoy its landscapes and its gastronomy.


A place to explore

Bellavista osorno park  Sonesta Osorno

Bellavista Osorno Park

This park was founded around 2012 and is one of the most entertaining parks in the city, along with this it is important to note that it is the only one with a suspension bridge. It is an urban park where you will find extensive vegetation and wonderful surroundings.

Fort queen louise  Sonesta Osorno

Fort Queen Louise

This magnificent fort is on the banks of the Rahue River. Built in cancagua stone and decorated with a pair of cannons for their mobilization, they occupied prisoners brought from Valdivia. It is considered as one of the emblematic constructions of the city. You'll discover a whole route of stories.

Interactive museum  Sonesta Osorno

Interactive Museum

This modern museum is located inside the railway station. Here the idea is to offer an alternative permanent education capable of arousing the interest not only of children, but also of adults. Here you will be able to interact with each of the attractions of the museum.

Eleuterio ramirez monument  Sonesta Osorno

Eleuterio Ramirez Monument

Located in the main square, it is a tribute to Lieutenant Colonel Eleuterio Ramirez. The monument is a bronze sculpture painted opaque black, on a pyramidal and staggered base. It was inaugurated after several decades in order to show heroism and patriotism on his part.

St. matthew the apostle cathedral  Sonesta Osorno

St. Matthew the Apostle Cathedral

It is located at the side of the parade ground. An architecturally attractive structure, where its walls, stained glass windows, paintings, stand out with a 45 meters high imposing tower. Definitely something worth visiting. It is considered an architectural jewel of ogival style.

Surazo museum  Sonesta Osorno

Surazo Museum

It is on the first floor of the building, its main objective within the museum is to promote arts and culture in all its expressions: paintings, prints, drawings, watercolors, artistic photographs, sculptures and installations. You will enjoy a great show. Concerts, literary presentations, book launches, conferences, etc. also held here.


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