GHL Style Hotel Yopal’s Points of interest in Yopal

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GHL Style Hotel Yopal’s Points of interest

GHL Style Yopal Hotel is located in this beautiful city of Casanare, has an average temperature of 26 ° C, ideal for vacationing and enjoy the best destinations in warm weather.


A place to explore

Park the revival ghl style hotel yopal

Park The Revival

This is where the La última lágrima (The Last Tear) airport operated in 1938 and 1939. The name was given because of the sadness caused by the farewells between the travelers and their loved ones. Later it became a space with special green areas for cultural and representative events of the city.

Mirador virgen de manare ghl style hotel yopal

Mirador Virgen de Manare

Meet this monument located 3km from the center, via Electrificadora Cerro El Venado. You will find the sculpture of the Virgin of Manare, patron saint of the Casanareños and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. You will also be able to do activities such as hiking, ecological walks, cycling and taking pictures.

The dungeon ghl style hotel yopal

The Dungeon

Located 2 kilometers from Yopal, get to know the variety of flora that this place offers and you will have close contact with nature in a friendly way. Transportation to the place can be done by car, motorbike, bicycle and on foot. Meet its beautiful waterfall.

La niata gorge ghl style hotel yopal

La Niata Gorge

15 km north of Yopal, along the marginal road in the jungle, enjoy this gorge that forms several wells of crystalline water with great ecological potential and contact with the beaches of some of the rivers, where you will live a moment of fun.

La aguatoca natural pool ghl style hotel yopal

La Aguatoca Natural Pool

This place is thought for ecotourism, it is formed by two natural circles, each one of different sizes and depths. You will admire great landscapes and rest in contact with nature. Enjoy crystal clear waters, and a moment of relaxation or a free-lung dive.