Sonesta Hotel Bucaramanga ’s Points of interest in Bucaramanga

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Sonesta Hotel Bucaramanga ’s Points of interest

Hotel Sonesta Bucaramanga is located in the city known for its numerous parks, including the Water Park and the high Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia and the Chapel of Sorrows are downtown

A place to explore

Cerro del santisimo ecopark. sonesta hotel bucaramanga

Cerro del Santisimo Ecopark.

The Santísimo is a large scale artistic sculpture perched on a mirror of water. Behind it a structure from where you can see: Girón, Piedecuesta, Floridablanca and Bucaramanga. There you will enjoy fresh air and an extensive gastronomic tour of the different restaurants in the area

San pio park sonesta hotel bucaramanga

San Pio Park

The San Pio Park has 2 parts: The upper part for the sports area, where the church of San Pio X is located, and the lower part with a henhouse and a water fountain. It is the ideal place to exercise and spend time with family and friends.

Santander historical museum casa de bolivar sonesta hotel bucaramanga

Santander Historical Museum Casa de Bolivar

Bolivar's house of beautiful colonial architecture has historical and cultural value for being a representative testimony of the designs of the time. The Sirvio Museum was the Liberator's home during the time of independence. It also has a library and newspaper library. A visit worthwhile.

Park of the cigars sonesta hotel bucaramanga

Park of the Cigars

Its name comes from the cicadas, traditional insects of the parks of Bucaramanga that are known for their particular song. Located at the back of the Acropolis shopping center. You will find street artists to do their shows, this is an ideal place for the whole family and/or friends.