Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba ’s Points of interest.

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Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba ’s Points of interest

Howard Johnson La Cañada is located in the center of the city. Known for its Spanish colonial architecture, Cordoba offers magic, history and incredible places in each of its streets.


A place to explore

The high summits way Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

The High Summits Way

A spectacular walk that you will enjoy with family or friends. In autumn this view takes on a coppery color, which makes everything magical and beautiful. A variety of surprises are added to the impressive view that shows us the way of this walk.

Carlos paz spray Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

Carlos Paz Spray

Come and live a unique experience, where you can see a sensational view of the whole city. An entertaining and beautiful place, so that adults and children can admire the whole landscape. This beautiful place also offers a tour of the mountains, rest areas and viewpoints.

San martin square Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

San Martin Square

Located in the heart of the city, this place houses the monument to the Liberator of the Americas. Inside you can admire the unmatched beauty of its trees and flowers. It surrounding historical structures include the Carmelitas descalzas (Barefoot Carmelites) museum and more.

Cerro de la cruz Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

Cerro de la Cruz

From here you can go for a walk, where you can see the village of Carlos Paz and the valley of Punilla. This place gives you a tourist and religious value, ideal for tourists and locals. During Holy Week, the Cerro de la Cruz is one of the symbolic places.

Good shepherd walk Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

Good Shepherd Walk

Located in the Nueva Córdoba neighborhood, one of the most sought-after areas in the city, it is a nice place to walk around, find unique gastronomic proposals and learn a little more about history. A cultural complex that will offer you a great variety of artistic and recreational activities.

Church of the capuchins Howard Johnson & Suites Córdoba

Church of the Capuchins

Chosen as the first artificial wonder of the city. His name is a metaphor that refers to human existence and its relationship with God. It is an imposing structure where you will see a dancing water fountain. The Church of the Capuchins stands out for its large number of sculptures and paintings.


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